Corporate gifting ideas for 2022

Corporate gifting ideas for 2022

Gifting is a form of expression to indicate the unique bond between the receiver and the giver. It is a token of gratitude and a way to express genuine feelings towards the other person. A present or gift, given with pure intentions tends to bring good vibes to the person receiving it and thus, strengthens the bond more.  Birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas are not the only occasions where you can express your feelings through gifts because gifting is not about celebrating occasions; it's about celebrating the bonds that come with it. 

Speaking of bonds, professional bonds are as important as personal bonds. The connection between a client and marketer; employee and employer is crucial and should be treated with equal importance. Thus, corporate gifting becomes a part where professional bonds are strengthened by the means of thoughtful gifting, inside an organization (between employee and employer) and outside the organization (between a client and organization). 

We at Fluorescent Studios, offer a huge variety of corporate gifting hampers and ideas where you can surely get the perfect find that suits your organization and the event you want to celebrate. From 10 to 10,00 boxes with deliveries to different locations, you have our back. With our leading clients from MindTickle, Cimpress, Hayu, Godrej properties, PNG Jewellers, and Flyhomes, among many more we have successfully curated and delivered hampers for various different themes and occasions. 

In this blog, we would be mentioning a few of the best and top corporate gifting solutions that would make your brand outstand from the rest of your competitor brands!

A Theme tells a story and thus, themed hampers are the most effective and safest option when it comes to gifting. For corporate gifting, the current trending themes - such as Eco friendly, Company swag, Digital detox, etc tend to have had a lasting impression on the receiver and have also proven to be effective for marketing purposes. For employee engagement activities or client gifting, such themed hampers work wonders. Customization of the hampers can be done in various ways. To keep the brand colors active in the hamper,  the products can be customized as per your company’s logo, and name, or completely dedicated to the theme we are following.  The elements of the hamper can be customized as per the need of the client and the occasion, thusly making it speak the brand and celebrate the occasion altogether. 

Major Festivals play a huge role in corporate gifting. Festive hampers/gifts given to your employees or sent over to clients are considered a very kind gesture in bringing warmth to your professional relations. It builds onto the connectivity and establishes a more secure relationship both inside and outside the firm. Major festivals and events like Holi, Diwali, Eid, Christmas, and the New Year should definitely be welcomed with warm hands and should be celebrated both professionally and personally. Make sure to get your festive hampers on point because once you ace the game, every coming year people would be looking up to you with the title “Xyz’s (the name of your firm) are always so good!” and would await for you to share this part of happiness with them. Festive gifting should always be done big and right. 

Celebrations don’t call for only festivals. Anniversaries too should be celebrated just as important as anything else. Anniversaries mark the one-year completion of plans and projects your team once was furiously planning into. All the efforts and hard work should be rewarded and one year of completion (or more) adds more value to it. Make sure to congratulate all your employees with anniversary hampers by the firm (curated with the logo of the organization) as it is their hard work and dedication that brings the firm to new heights. 

Custom or personalized hampers are by far the best as they are not only fun but also add a lot more detailing and affection to the hamper. You can get each and every goodie inside the hamper customized to your name/ designation. Custom Hampers are actually well rewarded and especially suited for employee gifting. With the employee’s name on the cardholder/ mug/ diary/ etc, they too get a sense of attachment and feel special to the firm, which in return motivates them to do better. 

At Fluorescent Studios, we cater to ALL this and much more. From vendor onboarding to incentive gifting, from employee gifting to client gifting, we promise to cater to all your needs and more! We are professionals at delivering what your brand stands for and resonates with and never settle for anything less. Hope your corporate gifting hunger had a little feast.
Until then, Adios Amigos! 

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