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17 products

Unique Customized Gifts available Online

Customized gifts offer a special way to celebrate an occasion with your loved ones. Tailored to their unique tastes and interests, these gifts show that you truly understand and appreciate them. Whether it's a personalized piece of jewellery, a custom-made artwork, or a monogrammed accessory, home decor gifts, etc. these items highlight their individuality and create cherished memories. Custom gifts go beyond ordinary presents, expressing thoughtfulness and care, making your loved ones feel truly special and recognized. It's a simple yet meaningful gesture that strengthens your bond and brings joy to both the giver and the receiver.

We at Fluorescent Studios clearly understand what your heart feels for your loved ones, that’s why we have thoughtfully curated the most unique collection of customized gifts in India. 

Customized Gifts in India at Fluorescent Studios

Below are some of our most preferred collection of unique gifts available at Fluorescent Studios

Home decor gifts

Those searching for customized home decor gifts would be glad to know that Fluorescent Studios has the best collection of gift items. Our standout gifts like Boho Picture, Affirmation Flip-up, etc. will help your loved ones relive the happiest memories of the past or find motivation every morning to achieve life goals. 

Personalized gifts for loved ones

There are people who prefer personalized gifts as well. You can gift these to your loved ones that they can keep for themselves only. For instance, our gifts like BTS T-shirt, Good Vibes Tumbler, etc. Apart from these, there are other products that you may check on our website.  

Lamp gift

Lamp gifts possess a unique charm to captivate girls' hearts. Their soft illumination creates an enchanting ambiance, while personalized designs showcase thoughtful effort. Lamp gift symbolize warmth and creativity, making them delightful tokens that leave a lasting impression, perfect for wooing and enchanting the special girls in your life. Therefore, our gifts like Sarang Hae Table Lamp & Shine Bright Table Lamp will certainly sweep them off. 


1. Is the COD option available for Affirmation flip up?

Answer- COD is only available above the value of 1600 INR

2. Can I buy these products in bulk quantities? Will the price differ?

Answer- Yes, we can supply these products in bulk quantities. Kindly contact to share your requirements. 

3. Can I add StandOut products to gift hampers?

Answer - Definitely, you can add it. You can create your own box via ‘Gift it your way’ and add these products to your gift box.

4. Do you provide gift packaging for these products?

Answer- These products get packed in their individual pre-decided pack. We can provide gift packaging as well. Kindly contact for the same.