WE ARE Namrata & Pradnya


Fluorescent Studios. The idea of Fluorescent Studios came into existence in April 2019 with a clear mission of spreading love through personal gifts.

Being childhood best friends and art lovers, we both wanted to work together and carve out a niche for ourselves in the creative field. For all our friends’/ relatives’ birthdays, we always loved giving gifts with a personal touch. A wish to work together got fulfilled with our love for gifting.

As we explored in this field, we discovered that others were looking for a personal, purposeful and seamless gifting experience.

Fluorescent Studios will help you to celebrate each occasion of your life with mindfully crafted gifts that encourage love and give you a memorable and unique experience. We provide beautifully packed, hand selected items sourced from small businesses, artisans and other sellers. We want to promote and spread love through our gifts.

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