Navigating Corporate Gifting: 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid for a Lasting Impression

Navigating Corporate Gifting: 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid for a Lasting Impression

We are lucky enough to work with hundreds of amazing brands helping them with hundreds of thousands of employee gifts over the past few years. In that time, we've learned a lot of what really works - and maybe more importantly, what doesn't.

Sharing 3 of the most common mistakes we see in companies gifting their employees for employee engagement purposes:

1. Ditch the SWAG Kit: Unleash Creativity Instead

Don't get us wrong - there is a time and a place for SWAG! SWAG is great for brand re-launches, celebrating specific events, and for new hires to get them their first logo gear, but generally, we've found the average consumer is over the typical SWAG you'd get at a trade show (put it this you really need another standard ceramic mug with a logo?)  In the world of corporate gifts, it's all too easy to fall into the SWAG (Stuff We All Get) trap. While pens, keychains, and branded notepads may be convenient, they lack the personal touch that sets your gift apart. Instead of defaulting to the usual suspects, consider more imaginative and personalized options. Whether it's a bespoke item reflecting your recipient's interests or a unique experience that leaves a lasting impression, stepping outside the SWAG comfort zone ensures your gift won't end up in the "miscellaneous office items" drawer.


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2. Beyond Standard Occasions: Celebrate Uniqueness

Want your team to share on LinkedIn that they work for the BEST company? SURPRISE THEM. We've all been there – the predictable flurry of gifts during holidays or anniversaries. Break free from the monotony of standard occasions and surprise your clients, partners, or team members at unexpected moments. Celebrate milestones, big or small, or simply express gratitude for their continued support. By gifting outside the typical calendar events, you not only stand out but also demonstrate genuine appreciation, making your gifts more meaningful and memorable.

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3. Avoid the Tone-Deaf Tango: Know Your Audience

It's difficult when you're a leader and you want to do something nice for the team to boost morale when things are rough. Picture this: a lavish gift that, instead of delighting, raises eyebrows or, worse, offends. Tone-deaf gifting can tarnish relationships and damage your brand. Take the time to understand your audience – their preferences, sensitivities, and cultural nuances. Before you gift, you can do an office survey about what they would like to help morale - then, when you gift something they feel as if they had a say in this spend, because technically they did. Bringing the team along for the ride goes a long way when trust is tarnished. Remember, the goal is to make a positive impact.

Corporate gifting is a powerful tool for founders to express gratitude, build connections, and set their brands apart. By steering clear of the typical SWAG kit, embracing spontaneity in gift-giving occasions, and ensuring your choices resonate with your audience, you transform corporate gifts from mere transactions into genuine expressions of appreciation. Here's to crafting gifts that defy expectations, celebrate uniqueness, and resonate with the hearts and minds of those who matter most to your business journey. Cheers to distinctive and impactful gifting!

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