Find The Perfect Corporate Gift. Cracking Perfect Corporate Delivery

Find The Perfect Corporate Gift. Cracking Perfect Corporate Delivery

Along with wedding bulk orders, it was, is and will always be our dream to work on corporate bulk orders. They are creative, challenging and exciting.

All the firsts are always close to our heart and yes definitely this is also one of the most special and our one of the best curations.

So we were just coming out of our first successful wedding bulk delivery. Regular single orders were flowing in and in the middle of it, we got a call with a requirement of 200 boxes for our pre curated gift box. The crucial part was that the client was expecting this delivery in 5 days and it had to be delivered in Delhi. Arranging boxes, procuring all the products, assembling everything and making it reach to the designated place in such a short time was a challenge that we proudly took.

When we first curated our box it was with the pure intention of curating something exciting and appealing, without any thought of the bulk availability of products. When we got the order for the same arrangement, at first we were clueless of how to source all exact things in such large numbers as few products were sourced from another part of the state. After a lot of vendor phone calls, market visits we managed to arrange all the necessary things.We would really thank our vendors for working with us on such a short timeline.



Being a startup, one thing we definitely want to mention is that throughout the process our family and friends were extremely supportive. All of them came and helped us to complete this order. We did not have a studio that time. We had converted a bedroom of one of our cofounder’s into our studio. While working on this project, the entire house was converted into our studio. Everyone got divided as per sections such as assembly, box packaging and final wrap up. It was definitely fun working on this project but moreover the best part was working with our friends and family.

We think we made justice to our company’s motto to deliver the best after a few sleepless nights and long days of work.

All your hard work is worth it when you see your boxes getting dispatched to brighten up someone’s day




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