Welcoming a new year !!

Welcoming a new year !!

A new year has entered our lives today, a new promise that surrounds itself with numerous possibilities to be happy , to grow, to live- laugh - love and above all to be present.

Look around yourself, look closely, there are so many reasons to be grateful for- so many many reasons to be happy. A friend who stood by you in thick and thin, your family who kept you warm, a partner who held you closer, a pet who was a bundle of cheerfulness, your team who always kept the spirits high or even the stranger you met at a bus stop who left with a conversation and a smile you needed!

Everyone around us has been a reason why we made it to this new beginning and every bit within us is a reason why we stand tall today with a smile on our faces!

Let’s celebrate Us, let’s celebrate ourselves. Let this new year be the year of celebration where every day is an opportunity to smile, a carnival of joy, a story to cherish! So come, let’s gear up for this celebration with tokens of gratitude for all, let’s make them a tad more special with personalised gifting from Us to you.

Go ahead and Explore, because we at Florescent know we have just what you are looking for!

Happy new year from Fluorescent team !

- Shikha Singh
(Fluorescent Storyteller)

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