It’s already mid December and the Christmas delight has enveloped us with the joy and cheer caressing our hearts!!

The Reds and Whites and Greens around us remind us of our beloved Santa, Snow and the Christmas Tree.

We have already begun listing down the gifts we had been saving through the year - a warm sweater for Maa, a knitted muffler for Dad, and a big box of oh so yum Ginger bread men and candies for the bumchums in the family.

The fun and excitement of coming together has put us to the task of decorating the house to host the family dinners and the Christmas Eve parties, Wrapped in trinklets and fairy lights the big green tree looks adorable in our minds, but wait.. you haven’t still finished shopping for the gifts!

What if we told you that you really don’t need to go that far looking for it !

With every precious moment and event curated in a box that celebrates this joy of giving, We at Fluorescent love to extend a little bit of us in your lives , because - You are special and we would love to make your wishes come alive ! ( Christmas Edit)

So go ahead , find the box of happiness for the ones you love and send them the Christmas Magic , you never know you might get one back too - as warm as a back hug you long from the K-drama series you binge watched!! ( K-pop gift hamper)

Come over, We eagerly await your knock at our window, See you there soon !



- Shikha Singh
(Fluorescent Story-teller)

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