Memory Muse
Memory Muse

Memory Muse

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  1. Brass Picture Frame with Personalised Image
  2. Floral shape Aroma Candle
  3. Floral Decor
  4. Card of your choice
  5. Reusable Wooden Acrylic Box

Memory Muse: Unique Personalised Gift Online

Cherishing loving memories is like holding onto a piece of your heart's happiness forever. At Fluorescent Studios, we understand the profound importance of such precious moments. That's why we've created Memory Muse, the picture gift, your trusted companion for preserving a heartfelt memory. With its user-friendly features, this personalised gift lets you capture and relive the joy, laughter, and love that define your life. So, whether you want to use it for someone special, your mother or father, siblings, or your BFF, let Memory Muse be your loyal keeper of a cherished memory. 

One of the Most Unique Mother’s Day Gifts: Memory Muse

Celebrate Mothers Day with one of the most unique Mother’s day gifts from Fluorescent Studios. This heartfelt photo gift is perfect for your Mom to show your love or to someone special. It's filled with emotions and captures the love between you two, turning memories into a beautiful expression of affection. It's a symbol of your gratitude and love that goes beyond words.

This heartwarming gift is filled with love including a beautiful Brass Picture Frame with your special image, a delightful Floral Aroma Candle in a floral decor setting, and a heartfelt card of your choice, all neatly tucked into a reusable Wooden Acrylic Box. This thoughtful package is perfect for cherishing memories and creating new ones. It's a warm hug in a box, sure to bring smiles and fond memories. 

Why Choose Fluorescent Studios to Pick One of the Most Unique Mother’s Day Gifts?

At Fluorescent Studios, a gift hamper means more than just a mere item. It is a symbol of affection and gratefulness. We can help you in choosing the perfect gift for every significant event in your life. Whether you are looking for one of the most unique Mother’s Day gifts or a gift for friend, cousin, or someone special, we serve all your requirements. 

  • Specific attention to packaging: We ensure that the hamper is assembled thoughtfully with color-coordinated satin ribbons and adorned with flower decorations, with an extra touch of elegance and joy.
  • Timely shipping: We understand that the moment you place your order you eagerly start waiting for the hamper and therefore, we promise to ship them within 2 to 5 working days
  • Tracking information: Apart from shipping the product, we also share tracking information with you to track every movement of your gift for girls. 
  • Reachable customer support: Our customer support contact number and email address is always available where you can share your queries and share feedback with us as well.

Our products come packaged in a beautifully designed cream-colored box, proudly displaying our logo on top. Not only is the box carefully crafted to ensure the safe arrival of your purchase, but it can also be reused for future storage or gifting.

Our attention to detail doesn't stop at the box. Each package is thoughtfully assembled with color-coordinated satin ribbons and adorned with flower decorations, adding an extra touch of elegance and joy.

Our curated and hand-wrapped boxes are shipped as gifts, complete with a personalized greeting card and without any pricing information, so you can give with confidence and delight. Experience the joy of giving and receiving with our premium packaging and exceptional service.


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