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9 products

Gifts for House Warming Ceremony Online

A housewarming ceremony marks the start of a new chapter in life. It's a special moment when a couple begins their journey in a new home. This event is crucial as it brings friends and family together to celebrate and offer their best wishes. Giving thoughtful gifts during this time can be heartwarming. A well-chosen gift not only provides practical help but also adds a cheerful touch to the new space. Useful items like kitchen gadgets, cozy blankets, or decorative pieces can make the couple feel loved and supported. Your gifts become symbols of good luck and encouragement as they embark on this fresh adventure. So, when you choose gifts for a housewarming, you're not just giving things, you're giving the couple a warm and joyful start to their new beginnings.

That’s why Fluorescent Studios has made a separate collection of house warming gifts. 

Fluorescent Studios Collection of House Warming Gifts

Our hand-picked collection of house warming gifts include 

New Beginnings

Elevate your housewarming moments with our carefully curated New Beginnings hamper. It features two exquisite copper mugs, an aromatic delight from the aroma bar, elegant wooden and marble coasters (2 pieces), the finest premium coffee, and a personalized greeting card, all nestled in our reusable 11x11x4 inch signature box. Embrace new beginnings in style and luxury.

Couple Hamper: One of the best gifts for house warming ceremony

Fluorescent Studios presents a delightful Couple Hamper, featuring two exquisite Mr. and Mrs. white non-breakable wine glasses, accompanied by a 180ml Red Wine miniature. The set also includes a pair of elegant wooden and marble coasters, and a personalized greeting card, all nestled within a reusable 9x9x4 inch signature box. Elevate your gifting with this thoughtfully curated ensemble, perfect for celebrating and cherishing special moments.

Game Night 

Unleash fun with a captivating assortment of Game Night. Delight in Coconut chips, engage minds over Chess and Connect card game while sipping Fanta. UNO and dice spark competition, a Triangular Rubik's Cube teases intellect, and a Fidget spring brings endless fiddling joy. With Party straws and a customizable Greeting card, it's a complete experience. All packed in a 11x11x4 inch reusable signature box, entertainment, and memories await in this curated collection.

Soulful Bohemia: House warming gifts

Immerse in the ambiance of bohemian beauty with Fluorescent Studios' Soulful Bohemia. Embrace comfort with a cotton throw, while a macrame wall hanging adds artisanal charm. Savor flavoured coffee as an aroma bubble candle sets the mood. Cherish memories with a photoframe, and convey sentiments with a greeting card. All are elegantly presented in a reusable cotton weaver basket. Elevate your space with this curated collection of soulful delights.

Customized Gifts for House Warming Ceremony

If you are looking to customize a hamper yourself, simply head over to our website and explore the "Gift It Your Way" category. Within this section, you have the freedom to select both the gift box and all the items according to your preferences. 

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