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11 products

Best Gifts for Food Lovers available Online

Food lovers make the perfect recipients of gifts. Offering them joy is as simple as presenting a delightful food basket. Their eyes light up with delight at the sight of an array of gourmet treats. It's a straightforward path to their happiness. A medley of cheeses, succulent fruits, artisanal chocolates, or aromatic coffee can easily elicit smiles. Their enthusiasm for flavors and culinary experiences transforms into gratitude for the thoughtful gift. No complicated choices or indecision—just the joy of savoring delectable delights. Thus, food baskets become a key to their hearts, making gift-giving a delightful breeze.

Being thoughtful of what you may want, Fluorescent Studios has curated some of the best gifts for foodies. 

Personalized hampers for Food Lovers at Fluorescent Studios

Though foodies like all kinds of food, at Fluorescent Studios we have created personalized food hampers for your loved ones that they will surely enjoy!

Chocolate hamper

People love anything that involves chocolate, for example chocolate cake mix, chocolate syrup, etc. Elevate celebrations or share heartfelt moments with these luxurious treats that redefine chocolate indulgence with our chocolate hampers like Sweet Tooth, and Sugar Rush. These hampers will help you appreciate the finer things in life. 

K-Food hamper

Discover the vibrant and delectable Fluorescent Studios K-Food hamper, a culinary journey packed with Korean delights. Relish the sizzle of Ramen in Hot Chicken Flavor, indulge in 2 packs of Lotte Chocopie, and sip on Fanta Can for a refreshing twist. Treat your taste buds with Pocky biscuit sticks and tangy Kimchi (2 packs). Elevate your dining with a wooden bowl, metal chopsticks, and a handy manual for chopstick mastery. Express your sentiments with a chosen greeting card, all enclosed in an 11x11x4 inch reusable signature box.


Who doesn’t enjoy snacks? Our Indian Snack Theme Hamper has a delightful assortment of authentic flavors. Indulge in the exquisite taste of Karachi biscuits, Kalyan dry bhel, Kerala coconut chips, Murukku, Bhakarwadi, and a tempting Dryfruit Potli. Express your sentiments with a personalized Greeting Card neatly packaged in a reusable cane basket. Embark on a culinary journey through India's iconic snacks, making every bite a celebration of culture and taste.

You can check the entire collection here!

Customized Food Basket at Fluorescent Studios

If you're looking to customize the hamper yourself, just head over to our website and explore the "Gift It Your Way" category. Within this section, you have the freedom to select both the gift box and all the items according to your preferences. 

For any assistance, feel free to reach out to us at +91 9356732948. Our team will be glad to provide any support you might need.