Women's day Corporate gifting ideas 

Women's day Corporate gifting ideas 

It is true that with every passing day, we are reminded of the impact and importance women have in our day-to-day lives. Whether it is managing the home, or the office, or multitasking and juggling between personal and professional lives; all while playing different roles that come along with it, a woman is many words than just powerful. They are independent, smart, the creator of mankind, and know exactly how to be a leader and problem solvers. She can be a boss, a team player, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend, or a lover, and most importantly, you admire her for looking after herself, without complaining. Girls growing up are being taught how to handle multiple relations and people and when the time actually comes to face these challenges, they are prepared. They hustle harder than any man because they know they have this unsaid borderline of expectations and roles they have to fit in with. 
A female employee in any form of workspace not only is responsible for handling the responsibilities of the work they are surrounded with but also has personal responsibilities to take care of. For a person juggling so many different roles and situations, it only makes sense to notice their efforts and responsibilities and make them feel acknowledged for that. 
We have collected a few of the best women's day gift ideas, especially for corporate workspaces to let no boss lady feel less valued. 

A woman goes through various phases and roles in her life and is pretty good at juggling between these roles. In this many hustles of life, she like any other human finds it difficult to find out time for herself. There are barely any moments of calmness in her life means her mind is always in constant worry about things and is under a lot more pressure than one can imagine. Acknowledge these struggles and give her the comfort of being understood and heard. Be it last-minute meetings or handling a situation of crisis, they know how to maintain their calm. Appreciate their efforts by gifting them the Relax  hamper by Fluorescent Studios. This hamper is everything to make their ‘Me’ time a little extra special and fragrant. Be a company that addresses the needs of every woman- even if it is a mini at-home spa day! 

A woman who knows her strengths but knows her weaknesses better glows differently. She's not afraid to face what might come her way. She is strong, fierce, and bold enough to cut through all circumstances. For the woman who fits in all the roles of being a mother, a friend, a wife, a sister, a team member, or a leader- we salute you for fitting in all these roles so effortlessly. Empowering Women  is one such gifting curation by Fluorescent Studios that speaks for such women directly. For all the poems and strength you hold inside of you, this hamper is the description of what women are, and what more they can be. Get this hamper on women's day for the female employees at your office and make them feel super special on this special day! 
The biggest power any corporate firm can hold is talking about the struggles of being a female and not just talking, but accepting and acknowledging the fact that every female employee goes through her periods at least once a month (depending on the menstrual health of that person) and still manage to make it look all so smooth. It is high time we break the taboo for periods and stand up as a company that speaks and stands for women and their problems. Your female employee might be going through the worst of period cramps and feeling all irritated, cranky, and under the constant pressure of leakage. So, make sure your company has an environment where they can feel comfortable talking about periods let alone working during that week. The Period Pamper Box  by Fluorescent Studios is the best conversation starter to bring change to your company's ethics and bring light to the unsaid struggles of womanhood. The contents of the box will not make them feel cared for, but will also help them a lot when their monthly menstrual cycle hits. 
She might be exhausted and drenched under the workload but the shimmer in her eyes never goes away. It is because of their energy, that the office workspace feels joyous and more alive, and the bright unstoppable creativity keeps everyone around them motivated. This year wish your female employees a very happy women's day but in a unique way. This time instead of wishing them directly, let them know how much their presence is valued at the workspace and how their positivity leaves everyone with a bit of shine and sparkle with our very new launch- the Always Sparkle box. This gift is everything glittery, shiny, and most importantly useful- which would leave them in awe of the efforts given. 
For the females thriving and bringing warmth to your organization, make sure this women's day feels special for them- their hard work and efforts are noticed and appreciated. May this Women's Day, all females feel valued and appreciated in their professional workspace.

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