K Series

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8 products

Inspired from Korean lifestyle, this collection contains gift hampers with different themes for everyone. If you are a part of BTS army or crushing on all sorts of k drama we have something for evryone.

Unique BTS gifts online for the BTS fandom

For the last few years, the love for Bangton Boys, a South Korean music band, has reached the next level. If your friend, sister, brother, niece, or nephew is a bts fan, Fluorescent Studios has the best BTS gifts collection for you. We have hampers like BTS, K-drama, etc. that can help you finalize the best gift for your loved ones. 

If you wish to plan surprise BTS birthday gifts for your loved ones, we suggest you plan an evening with a popular K-drama, delicious Korean food, and Korean gift items. Such amazement will bring you closer and will help you deepen your bond with them. For such an event, you may want to opt for hampers like K-food, and Sarang hae table lamp. For more gifts for K-drama fans visit Fluorescent Studios website today. 

It isn’t necessary that you have to gift these to someone, you can also shop these amazing BTS gifts for yourself as well. Show the K-drama Tote bag to your friends, or enjoy the lip-smacking Korean food on weekends. 

Personalized Korean gift items for BTS fans online

A BTS fan doesn’t need any occasion to shop for the best Korean gift items. You may simply be browsing the internet, gushing over your favourite K-pop stars, and come across the amazing BTS gifts from Fluorescent Studios. All you need to do is pick the best hamper for you and order it online. On many occasions, we also provide on-the-spot offers for our valuable customers, you could be the lucky one today; visit Fluorescent Studios to check out our best collection. 

We have personally handpicked and curated each and every product in the hamper and have come up with some of the best gift items for all occasions. You can gift these korean gift items to your loved ones on their birthdays, to cheer them up, or to build a stronger bond with them. 

Customized gifts for BTS fans at Fluorescent Studios

At Fluorescent Studios, we don’t just curate personalized gifts for BTS fans but also help you pick or customize your gift hamper. You can curate your own BTS-themed gift box from choosing your favorite signature box to the products you want to include in your hamper. All you need to do is check out the Gift it your way section on the website and follow the instructions. 

With this customization, you can not only curate hampers that are pocket-friendly but also the ones that are most appropriate for you or your loved ones. 

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I remove any of the products from the hamper if I don’t like them?

We offer a lot of personalisation options to Korean fans that you can choose from. However, if you wish to customize your hamper, please visit our Gift it your way section where you can choose the products you want to include in the gift box. 

2. Do you offer discounts on BTS gifts?

Fluorescent Studios offer various deals and offers from time to time. If you wish to claim some of the amazing deals, subscribe to our newsletters and get your hands on monthly deals for you.

3. Does this K-seris gift hamper can only be gifted to K-Drama fan?

Well, K-series hamper would specifically be loved by a K-Drama fan but you can certainly give it to your friends on their birthday, just to cheer them up or to motivate them to be a K-drama fan just like you.