Period pamper theme gift box with all the necessary things to make them comfortable and relaxed. mini hot water bag, sanitary pouch, intimate wipes, menstrual cup, cramp free roll on, chocolates, perfect gift for her, unique gift for her
Period Pamper
Period Pamper

Period Pamper

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The Period Pamper Theme Gift Box is the perfect way to show your loved one how much you care during their menstrual cycle. This box is designed to provide comfort and convenience during this time of the month.

It provides everything they need to stay comfortable, prepared, and indulged during their menstrual cycle.

Contents -

  1. Mini Hot water bag
  2. Fabric sanitary pouch
  3. Intimate Wipes
  4. Sanfe Menstrual Cup
  5. Pee safe cramp free roll on
  6. Chocolate dragees in Potli
  7. Greeting card of your choice
  8. Reusable 9x9x4 inch signature box

Girls Period Kit by Fluorescent Studios

With every passing day, we are reminded a bit more of the impact and importance women have in our day-to-day lives. Whether it is managing the home, or the office, or multitasking and juggling between personal and professional lives; all while playing different roles that come along with it, a woman is many words than just powerful. 

One such major suffering is the pain of periods that all women have to go through in their lives. She might be having the worst of stomach or back cramps, terrible mood swings, diarrhea, and the constant fear of having any leaks all while fulfilling all her roles beautifully and never actually complaining about it. 

For the women in your life- your sister, mother, wife, or girlfriend, the Period Pamper gift box is a gentle care kit packed in a hamper. Gift this to her as a token of respect you have towards her and help her feel better during the most cranky days of her month. 

What does Fluorescent Studios Period Pamper Gift Box include?

Surprise the women in your life with the best period care box and extend a token of love and gratitude for them. The period pamper gift box by Fluorescent Studios is an amazing gift that must be received by all women. It is filled with all the right goodies to help you feel better during your periods. 

In this gift box you get a Mini Hot water bag (to help with the cramps), a Fabric sanitary pouch, Intimate Wipes, a Sanfe Menstrual Cup, a Pee safe cramp free roll on, Chocolate dragees in Potli and of course a greeting card of your choice where you can add a custom message for the recipient woman. All these goodies are hand packed in a reusable 9x9x4 inch signature box!

Why choose us to pick intimate gifts for your girlfriend?

At Fluorescent Studios, gifts mean more than just a mere item. They are a symbol of affection and gratefulness. We can aid you in commemorating every significant event in your life with our carefully curated gift baskets. Whether you are looking for a gift for a girlfriend or a gift for your wife, sister, or even your girl gang, we serve all your requirements. 

  • Specific attention to packaging: We ensure that the hamper is assembled thoughtfully with color-coordinated satin ribbons and adorned with flower decorations, with an extra touch of elegance and joy.
  • Timely shipping: We understand that the moment you place your order you eagerly start waiting for the hamper and therefore, we promise to ship them within 2 to 5 working days
  • Tracking information: Apart from shipping the product, we also share tracking information with you to track every movement of your gift for girls. 
  • Reachable customer support: Our customer support contact number and email address are always available where you can share queries and share your feedback with us as well.

Our products come packaged in a beautifully designed cream-colored box, proudly displaying our logo on top. Not only is the box carefully crafted to ensure the safe arrival of your purchase, but it can also be reused for future storage or gifting.

Our attention to detail doesn't stop at the box. Each package is thoughtfully assembled with color-coordinated satin ribbons and adorned with flower decorations, adding an extra touch of elegance and joy.

Our curated and hand-wrapped boxes are shipped as gifts, complete with a personalized greeting card and without any pricing information, so you can give with confidence and delight. Experience the joy of giving and receiving with our premium packaging and exceptional service.


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